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【New Product】Occupy your test bench with high performance-IT8400 series high performance DC electronic load
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ITECH will launch IT8400 series high-performance DC electronic load. At present, ITECH high-voltage and high-power DC electronic load includes IT8900A/E series and IT8000 series regenerative DC electronic load. Due to the difference in functional characteristics, IT8000 series regenerative electronic load is often used for production line aging test of the of power supply and battery and the test that do not require high dynamic speed. IT8900A/E is often used in the R&D of power supply and battery due to its relative advantages in dynamic speed and test accuracy.

ITECH new product IT8400 series high-performance DC electronic load is a high-power electronic load that integrates power, precision and speed. With two voltages of 600V and 1200V, stand-alone power ranges from 6kW to 54kW, and the maximum power can reach 600kW. It is especially suitable for the testing of fuel cells, power batteries, DC charging piles, etc.

Core advantages:

Fast double power loading capability (<3 s)

High-precision three current measurement ranges with resolution up to 40uA

Faster loop response and current rising and falling speed

For testing of energy storage devices such as lithium batteries, accumulators, fuel cells or super capacitors, IT8400 series supports master-slave connection in parallel and equalized current. Battery discharge cut-off condition: voltage, capacity, time, help to analyze the decay of battery capacity.

Analog dynamic response with 10kHz, 25kHz dynamic loading and List programming can simulate the complex working conditions of the battery. If there is an instantaneous high-power loading requirement, IT8400 can also withstand the double power loading test, which helps customers greatly save costs. Like other ITECH power supplies and electronic loads, this series has complete built-in communication interfaces such as GPIB, LAN,USB, CAN, etc., supports SCPI, standard LabVIEW driver, and can be used with ITS5300 battery test system, which is also very friendly to system integrators.

IT8400 all series adopts black design, with the main feature of "high power, high precision, and high speed", and is aimed at the testing for DC charging piles, motors, fuel cells and others that require instantaneous high-power loading and high-voltage testing. For more information, please visit ITECH official website https://www.radiosolxxi.com.

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