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We won ! ITECH IT2800 series high-precision SMU has been awarded EIA「Test, Measurement & Inspection Product of the Year」
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Recently, the EIA (Electronics Industry Awards) has been announced. ITECH IT2800 series high-precision source meter unit (SMU) has won the Test, Measurement &Inspection Product of the Year. ITECH IT2800 SMU is the only source meter in this award category. Although there are several strong competitors in the finalists, ITECH IT2800 SMU high-precision source meter stands out with its breakthrough design and high performance. Electronics Industry Awards(EIA) is a professional award in Europe. It is specially established to reward outstanding people, products and companies in the electronics industry worldwide.

ITECH IT2800 series high-precision SMU is an innovative product developed by ITECH Electronics specially for the power semiconductor industry. It integrates 6 device functions into one, including a four-quadrant voltage source, a current source, a 6.5-digit digital multi-meter, a pulse generator, a battery simulator and an electronicload. It has extra high precision up to fA level. Therefore, it is widely used in the tests for the discrete devices, power chips, passive devices,optoelectronic devices, and micropower consumption measurement, materials research and so on.

ITECH has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of power test instruments and solutions for many years. It is "customer oriented" and  always providing innovative testing solutions for various industries.

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